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Welcome To Bizness Inc’s Web Software Bizness Technologies

Bizness Inc. specializes Web Solutions From Consulting Technologies for New Businesses, To Web Marketing, To Web Applications!

For new business start ups we help you with 10 business solutions that every new business should have.  We then help you with your business applications to speed up your efficiencies like collecting money faster and auto posting to multiple blog sites.  We specialize in writing ASP.NET C# MS SQL SERVER Database solutions that are customized just for you.  Here are some areas we are specialists in:

Specialists in Project Management.  Strong project management and excellent communication skills to get the job done on time and on budget.  Good project management involves knowledge of all areas, good documentation, timely conference calls and excellent project scoping.

Specialists in Web Design, Needs Definition, Programming, Testing and Deployment (see our own BizRAS “Bizness Inc’s Report Administration System” which includes login screens, paging grids, corporate and billing administration, customizable reports, emailing reports with no file attachment, international support and text on screens stored in database for each updating and so much more).  Screen Designs are completed before the next phase of programming so that clients requirements are clarified.

Specialists in E-Commerce Systems (see our own BizSAS “Bizness Inc’s Sales Administration System) to put your product and images on the web to increase markets you sell to and to boost sales.  Bizness Inc. has great knowledge in marketing systems that require knowledge of how sales tax works including for resellers or non profits organizations, shipping calculations, coupons, volume discounts, and screens to show the status of an order all the way through the sales cycle.

Specialists in Donation and Event Management Systems (see our own BizSAS- Donation Management “Bizness Inc’s Budget, Donation Management and Event System) to allow charitable organizations to track donations on the web giving donors an online donation report that they can print off at any time. Budgets per year and per country are allowed as well as planning internal or external events for the public to view and register for.  Donations can be one time or monthly recurring.  Donation destinations can be tracked against a budget.  Events can be internal or external.  Track attendees and if registration monies are required, collect registration fees on the web and confirm attendance.

Specialists in Invoicing Web Recurring Billing. Collect your invoice payments immediately on the web whether it is a one-time charge or recurring billing charge.  Web Recurring Billing can be set up automatically to collect payments weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, every 6-months or every year.  Clients pay through the PayPal or Authorize.Net International E-Merchant Gateway. We look for ways to save you money such as in:  No NSF checks, no more paper billing, no more billing mail-outs and billing postage costs, no more late payments, no more headaches of filing systems.  The savings are even more in web recurring billing where you set up the web recurring payment once and it continues forever until you or your client decides to stop the service.

Specialists in interfacing to PayPal or Authorize.Net International E-Merchant Gateways.  This involves a lot of knowledge on how these Gateways are set up and how each of them responds to one time and recurring billing or recurring donations. Back Offices systems are written after a transaction completes on either Authorize.Net or PayPal International E-Merchant Gateways to provide updates such as:

1.  Updating inventory in the BiZSAS eCommerce System

2.  Updating accounts receivable on partial payments in the BizRAS Web Invoicing Recurring Billing System

3.  Update the Emerchant Database log for when there is a delay between a Credit Card Authorization and a Credit Card Capture

4.  Update donation destinations and budgets in the BiZSAS Donation and Event Management System

5.  Send out confirmation emails to payer plus 1 or 2 internal sales managers or sales departments



We specialize in so many other areas such as:

  • Web Services to provided services by a web engine that other web sites can call to centralize web engines or core pieces of web code
  • Database application design, and testing SQL for scalability for database performance
  • Security from SSL, to custom password encryption, to web application session security, to config.sys security, to database security
  • Interfacing to QuickBooks Accounting Software as all our major systems provide both XML and QuickBooks formatted files when POSTING